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Saturday, 16 July 2016

New Features

Hello all,

Most of the bugs have been fixed, so I've been adding some small improvements here and there. I've also introduced a new concept, which I'll get on to in a moment.

- More environmental tweaks
- Change to power up aesthetics
- Fixed help menu appearing too quickly
- As per request, I've re-added the FPS drawer in to the options menu, which provides an in-game FPS monitor in the top right-hand corner.

After some feedback, I found that there needed to be more explanation and backstory as to why a humble cube would wish to undertake such nefarious challenges. To answer this, I've added some backstory in the form of frequent text panels appearing. For example, upon first playing the game, the player will be met with this:

The scene in the background is actually an in game scene, so the effects and entities are actually active and moving, which is rather nice. Anyway, this graphic provides the player with some motivation behind their experience. Of course this story is subject to change.

However, this of course prompts some kind of ending, something the player will find out when the game is completed. Vex isn't supposed to have some kind of fully fledged backstory, so we won't be exploring that avenue too far. With that said, we would like a fun and engaging conclusion to Vex, a boss battle perhaps? In any case, we'll be replacing the 'Congratulations' dialogue with something more satisfying soon.

Thanks for reading!
- Sam

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