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Hi, welcome to the official blog! Since we are so close to being Greenlit, I thought I'd provide all that are interested with a developm...

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

We have been greenlit!

We have finally been accepted on to Steam!

I know this isn't strictly development-related, but I still feel I should be expressing my thanks at every opportunity.

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported the project! Vex should be available on Steam within the next 8 weeks, so stay tuned!
- Sam

Sunday, 12 June 2016


Hey guys,

Just a quick post about some changes I've made.

- In the main menu, the environment will now grow from a single point when each realm is visited, instead of just popping into existence.
- The Ice spikes now have a base, with particles to show they are floating.
- Added to the environment in the main menu.

- Optimised multi-monitor support, check it out:

(They don't line up properly because of Nvidia Surround, not the game itself. This can be tweaked in the Nvidia control panel. Not sure about Eyefinity.)

Also, a major bug has been fixed:
- Player collider no longer gets caught on invisible object colliders in the floor. Finally fixed it!


Saturday, 11 June 2016

Fixed some bugs

Hi everyone,

Slowing crunching through the code and getting rid of nasty bugs. Here's a few I've done:

- When switching view type, your current pitch and yaw is now transferred too.
- Fixed bonus level string tags.
- Fixed sentries in the ice dimension randomly changing purple.

Known bugs:

- When unpausing the game using an Xbox 360 controller in the Quanta dimension, the player will automatically be entangled.
This bug is now fixed!

Added Xbox 360 Controller Support


As promised, I have now added xbox 360 controller support for Vex. This is a partial feature, as it doesn't apply to menus/options. The mouse is still (currently) required to change options, click 'Next level', etc., 

EDIT: I have now implemented support for the controller in the menus. The only thing it cannot do that a mouse can, is toggle V-Sync, and Toggle Music On/Off. This is because controllers don't seem to like check-boxes. The music can be muted by turning the volume to zero though.

The xbox 360 controller is fully compatible with movement, interaction and abilities. When a controller is plugged in, the mouse will stop working immediately, but the keyboard will remain as a potential input.

The controls are as follows:

Also, to navigate the menus uses the left thumbstick, selection uses A, and exiting uses B.
These controls are subject to change.

I also hope to bring PS3 and Steam Controller support! If all goes well, I may add Oculus Rift support as well. If you'd like to see Xbox One and PS4 Controller support, then leave a comment.

Cheers all!


Hi, welcome to the official blog! Since we are so close to being Greenlit, I thought I'd provide all that are interested with a development blog, so you can see what changes we make along the way!

Stay tuned,