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Saturday, 11 June 2016

Added Xbox 360 Controller Support


As promised, I have now added xbox 360 controller support for Vex. This is a partial feature, as it doesn't apply to menus/options. The mouse is still (currently) required to change options, click 'Next level', etc., 

EDIT: I have now implemented support for the controller in the menus. The only thing it cannot do that a mouse can, is toggle V-Sync, and Toggle Music On/Off. This is because controllers don't seem to like check-boxes. The music can be muted by turning the volume to zero though.

The xbox 360 controller is fully compatible with movement, interaction and abilities. When a controller is plugged in, the mouse will stop working immediately, but the keyboard will remain as a potential input.

The controls are as follows:

Also, to navigate the menus uses the left thumbstick, selection uses A, and exiting uses B.
These controls are subject to change.

I also hope to bring PS3 and Steam Controller support! If all goes well, I may add Oculus Rift support as well. If you'd like to see Xbox One and PS4 Controller support, then leave a comment.

Cheers all!

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