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Sunday, 10 July 2016

Lots of horrible bugs crushed

Hello again,

Today was mostly dedicated to eliminating some bugs!


- Fixed invincibility from colliding spikes, rocks, idols, or cylinders when the player is stationary.

- Fixed an issue where levels that contained many enemies caused the light and shadows to fight and flicker.

- Corrected the slow motion pill attributes to prevent cumulative speed stacking, preventing the flying-across-the-map glitch.

- Fixed an issue on level 31 where the player could not move without restarting, after reading the message regarding quantum entanglement.

- Changed detection mechanics for some environmental objects.

- Fixed 'clipping' through certain objects.

- The lightning effects in the quanta dimension will now only occur if the effects are set to medium or high, not low.

- Moved the slow motion power-up on level 27.

To do:
- Tweak movement mechanics more

- Alter enemy spawning
- Finish implementing camera-to-player lock-on.

More to come, it's 2am and I'm knackered!

G'night folks,

- Sam

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