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Tuesday, 19 July 2016

BIG update

Hello all,

The fact I've not post an update in 2 days should be a testament to how much has been done. From bug fixes, to new features, to Steam integration, this list should be fairly lengthy!

Bug fixes:

- Anti-aliasing now applied when changing quality settings
- Changing resolution will now scale the user interface, finally!!! This has been a persistent issue, and I wanted to make sure I was using the most efficient method possible before fixing it (there are several methods).
- Fixed Field of View not transferring between games
- Fixed VSync not transferring between games.

- Important: All sensitive data is now ENCRYPTED before being saved. This means the player can no longer edit the game files to change attributes such as levels unlocked, world scores, etc. This is very important, you'll see in a moment.
- When pausing the game in the main menu, your stats will now show, instead of just the bare options (you can access the options menu from the stats menu).
- Added motion blur!
- More environmental changes
- General code optimisation

- The story has been developed although not yet implemented, and will differ from the taster included in the previous post.

That's right, we are now utilising the Steamworks API to bring a few awesome features:
- 12 Steam achievements (More to come!)
- Player will now be referred to using their Steam name
This is why player data had to be made secure, in order to prevent people easily unlocking achievements.
Sneak peak:

Planned Steam additions:
- Steam Trading Cards
- Steam Leaderboards

To do:
- Add more statistics
- Finish story inclusion
- Fix any more bugs
- Finish Steam integration
- Maybe look into a Zen mode.

I probably won't be posting again for a while, so let's hope the next post is juicy!
Thank you for reading,
- Sam

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