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Saturday, 27 August 2016


Hello everyone,

Unfortunately, the past couple of weeks have been plagued with a few technical complications, mainly regarding platform support. Contrary to my previous post, Linux isn't playing as nicely as it first seemed, so we're fixing that. Also, the translations into Russian and Portuguese are still underway. Hopefully, Vex will be launched by September 13th.

We could have launched the game in an unfinished state, but what kind of studio would do that? *ahem* Hello Games *ahem*. No, it is my personal objective to make the final release of Vex 'bug free'. That's right, no major bugs, nothing game breaking, and hopefully, not even smaller bugs that might even have gone overlooked. An ambitious goal, admittedly, but I'd rather delay the game to ensure a stable and optimised release, than to disgruntle our players. We hope you understand.

Stay tuned for more information.
- Sam

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